•  30 singers
  • 4 talented musicians
  • 1 maestro
  • 1 rock playlist
  • and an energetic atmosphere !

Created in 2004 by rock music fans, Aequivox brings this music to a new level. Keep the basic layout of a usual rock band, with electric guitars, keyboards, drums and bass. Replace the lead singer by 30 artists singing totally new 4-voices arrangements of rock and pop songs. Add to the mix some creativity, a motivated leader and a lot of passion. You’ll have a ROCK CHOIR that will give you the envy to move! That’s Aequivox! Muse, Guns N’ Roses, Ghinzu, Queen, Deep Purple, Depeche Mode, Bon Jovi and many more are all revisited to create a show full of energy that you’ll remember !

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  • May, 24th 2019
    Fri - 18h45

    Rock Against Cancer

    Troisième édition du Festival, trois groupes pour mettre le feu
    Ferme du Biéreau à Louvain-la-Neuve
  • July, 21st 2019
    Sun -

    Statues en Marche

    Plus d'informations à venir :-)
  • August, 18th 2019
    Sun - 17h00

    Obigies Festival 2019

    50e édition de la Fête des Jeunes d'Obigies
  • August, 24th 2019
    Sat -

    Festival des Granges

    Plus d'informations à venir :-)

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